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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Three fun Windows Phone app's from Microsoft Research, Face Swap, Face Mask, and Sketch Match

My Kind of Phone - A Trio of Fun Apps from Microsoft Research

There are three fun Windows Phone 7 apps that have been floating around from Microsoft Research, all of these are the fantastic price of free! So lets take a look and give your new WP7 something fun to do today!

Face Swap

Have you ever thought of swapping your face with someone else’s? Face Swap provides a simple and quick way to swap the faces of people using a photo taken with others.

All you need to do is to take a photo facing the camera or select one you already have, and then shake your phone. Then let Face Swap do its magic! You’ll see the faces are automatically swapped.


Face Mask

Want a fun way to play with photos? Or for reasons like privacy, would you like an easy way to hide a person’s face before sharing a photo? Then Face Mask is the right app for you.

It offers a wide selection of masks/stickers to apply to your favorite photos. Face Mask is a magic tool that enhances your pictures with cool effects. Just take a picture, and add a mask either by a tap or through a shaking gesture.


Sketch Match

Do you want to try and practice sketching in a fun way? Do you want to search images by sketching what you’re looking for? Then Sketch Match is a great entertainment app for you!

Here are the main features: -

Get rated on your sketches of given images – Search similar images using a sketch – Keep your sketch history in the gallery – See your sketching rank in the global leaderboard

We've all heard the recent buzz around Face Swap (right?), but what about these other two, Face Mask, Sketch Match?

Face Mask


Sketch Match


Other Microsoft Research Apps (US) in the Marketplace


Friday, March 04, 2011

"Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Silverlight [Windows Phone 7]" lectures and resources from the Microsoft Faculty Center

Microsoft Faculty Center - Introduction to Mobile Application Development Using Silverlight (1 of 3), (2 of 3), (3 of 3)

"This course teaches students through lectures, discussions, demonstrations, and homework assignments. Students learn the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary to develop a mobile application on the Windows Phone 7 platform using Microsoft Silverlight. Prior to taking this course, you should have some background in programming (preferably C#, but C, C++, Java helps).


Lesson Overviews

The Walkthrough videos in each lesson discuss the associated PowerPoint file and how to cover the material.

Lecture 1: Industry Perspective

  • Assignments (Word and Source Files)
  • Demos (Word and Source Files)
  • Silverlight Tools Demo – Hello Phone (Video)
  • WP7 L1 Industry Perspective (PowerPoint)
  • WP7 L1 Industry Perspective Walkthrough (Video)

Lecture 2: Anatomy of a Mobile Application

  • Assignments (Word and Source Files)
  • Isolated Storage Demo (Video)
  • Isolated Storage Demo (Word and Source Files)
  • Navigation Demo (Video)
  • Navigation Demo (Word and Source Files)
  • SIP Demo (Video)
  • SIP Demo (Word and Source Files)
  • WP7 L2 Anatomy of a Mobile Application (PowerPoint)
  • WP7 L2 Anatomy of a Mobile Application Walkthrough (Video)

Lecture 3: Multimedia Integration

  • Assignments (Word and Source Files)
  • Bing Maps Demo (Video)
  • Demo 1 – Media Launcher (Source Files)
  • Demo 2 – Media Element (Source Files)
  • Demo 3 – Web Browser (Source Files)
  • Demo 4 – Bing Maps (Source Files)
  • Media Element Demo (Video)
  • Media Launcher Demo (Video)
  • Web Browser Control Demo (Video)
  • WP7 L3 – Multimedia Integration (PowerPoint)
  • WP7 L3 – Multimedia Integration Walkthrough (Video)


Here's a snip of the files from Lecture 1;


The HelloPhone.docx (i.e. assignment walkthrough)


So pretty much a complete class, all you need to do is give or consume it...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Mobiler – Think Remote Desktop’ing into your Windows Mobile phone



  • View your mobile screen on your desktop.
  • Control your mobile by using desktop keyboard and mouse.
  • Copy/Cut/Paste text between mobile and desktop.
  • Capture mobile screen.
  • Drag and drop files to your mobile.
  • Support ActiveSync / IP Connection
  • Support Mobile Explorer (File Browse)

  • Support Windows Mobile 2003
  • Support Windows Mobile 5.0 / 6.0

Scott @’d me this yesterday and I thought it was officially pretty darn cool.

[Insert “I really have to upgrade my phone” comment here]

(via tweet from Scott Lovegrove)