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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Turing your Surface RT into a Pro, via the power of the Cloud (and RemoteApps, Remote Desktop and more... think DIY DaaS)

Team blog of MCS @ Middle East and Africa - How to Convert your Surface RT to Surface Pro - Part 3

Links to All Parts:

Part 1: Install Remote Desktop Services

Part 2: Configure RemoteApp

Part 3: Configure Surface


In Part 1: I’ve explained how to install Remote Desktop services on the server and fix common error that you may face, in Part 2 we finished configuring Remote Desktop Services and publish RemoteApp.

This part we will test from client side machine by browsing to the RDWA and will configure Surface with RemoteApp.


ITPro: How to Convert your Surface RT to Surface Pro – Part 1

From long time I’ve started to have all my labs on Windows Azure (will share that experience in another blog), my main motive was to get rid of my heavy ugly laptop to a light and thin one. My first pilot was to use Surface as the replacement of my laptop.

For some reason (I don’t remember it now) I’ve decided to get Surface RT not Surface Pro, I’m trying to convince myself now that RT lighter, RT is 676 grams compared to 907 grams for the Pro.

But anyway here it is my RT device, I loved the experience and the display but the second day I looked for PowerShell ISE and couldn’t find it, PowerShell ISE was my magical solution to connect to Office 365 so it’s mandatory for me. The result: PowerShell ISE is not built in with Windows RT and can’t be installed from the store.

Ok no ISE let’s install the PowerShell Module for Azure (Windows Azure VMs cmdlets) and PowerShell Module Windows Azure AD (Office 365 module), obviously you can’t install anything to RT.

The huge one when I started to look for Visio and Project Pro, and yes both are not part of Office pro which installed on the Surface and are not available on the Store. Now it’s serious I can’t work without these programs.

I started to look for a solution and first thing came to my mind is to RDP to another machine running on Azure that have everything I need, nice Idea and worked fine but annoying as you need to share the files (copy it or send it by email) between the 2 PCs, didn’t like the overall experience.

I was reading some of the new staff on Windows 2012 when I thought of RemoteAPP, what if I’ve a server on Azure running Remote App and I can use all my applications.

First things first, what is RemoteApp:


Hum... Since I've got my MSDN credits that I'm not currently using, this sounds kind of cool to try out.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

iXplain helps you explain, recording your voice, screen and pen (think "Killer Surface Pro app for anyone teaching or explaining about anything")

Australian Teachers Blog - Creating Tutorials using the Record Voice and Pen App

This post follows on with our focus on sharing tools which can help you make engaging tutorials for your classroom.

If you’re currently using a Windows 8 device and need to create a tutorial that records your voice, writing or annotations, it’s time to master the Record Voice and Pen App.

Since first exploring Record Voice and Pen, I have put it in my must-have apps for Windows 8 in Education. It is such a simple and effective app that suits a variety of skill levels. I also like that you are given the ability to save your video onto your device, then share it through whichever platform you currently use in your classroom. It is a great tool for the Flipped Classroom.

Some handy uses for tutorials made with this app include:

  • Flipped Classroom style tutorials
  • Mathematic tutorials showing working out
  • Explanations of diagrams in Science or Geography
  • Discussions of Sport positions and movement
  • Script writing for Foreign Languages studies
  • Students creating their own tutorials for each other
  • Students creating presentations which describe images, diagrams or concepts


Step 1

Install the Record Voice and Pen app onto your Windows 8 device. You can access Record Voice and Pen via the Windows Store.

Step 2

Watch video...

Step 3

Plan the tutorial that you would like to create. Here are some questions to help you plan your tutorial


Step 4

Use record Voice and Pen to create your tutorial. Save and upload to your video to YouTube, Vimeo, or your own online space for students to access it.

Optional Activity

Share with your peers for feedback to help you improve your tutorial style.

Record Voice and Pen is a great way to make classroom tutorials more engaging and memorable whilst also having a resource for future use. So why not have a go and share your experiences in the comments section below.




Explaining something in a presentation or a classroom is easy when you can use your voice, use images, and can annotate on them, all at one go. In iXplain you can record all this at once. It creates a video file which can be shared through email, Facebook or YouTube, or used in a presentation or a classroom.


  • Recording of your voice and pen drawings at the same time

  • Import images

  • Export recordings to video files (mp4)

Supported processors

x86, x64, ARM


This and the Surface Pro and you've got a cool, fairly inexpensive, teaching tool... (and the app's price of Free doesn't hurt).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Surface RT/Pro/Pro 2 User Guide PDF's available

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - DOWNLOAD: Surface RT/Pro/Pro 2 User Guides

If you’re new to Surface, download your Surface User Guide. These printable manuals have info and tips to help you get the most from your Surface.

Taken from: [GD: Post Leached in Full]


Will come in handy for those who get a Surface under the Christmas Tree...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Surface Pro / Pro 2 Battery Life Extension Tip... Turn the Processor down to 8[0]

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - INFO: Extending Surface Pro (or Pro 2) battery life by adjusting the Power Plan “Maximum Processor State”

This has been floating around the Internet for years so it’s nothing new but for anyone that puts a premium on battery life on their Surface Pro (original or Pro 2) like I do (I specifically need to extend the battery because 90% of what I do with it is take handwritten notes using the stylus & OneNote) then this might interest you.

Adjusting Max Processor State in Windows 8
In order to extend the battery life a bit, all you have to do is change the the maximum processing power percentage assigned to the Power Options profile on your device from 100% to 80%.  This provides a noticeable difference in battery life – some have reported up to 1-2 hours, & for most purposes like inking in OneNote or browsing, you’ll probably won’t see any change in performance.

To accomplish this:



Makes sense and it's easy enough to tweak too. Going to have to give this a try on my Pro...

Thursday, October 03, 2013

The Surface surface... Three Surface sites you should keep in sight...

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - INFO: Microsoft’s web sites for Surface that you should know

Surface Public Website:
The public Surface website has all available product, accessories, and service details. It also details ...

Direct Order Website:
This site provides Enterprise customers with the opportunity to bulk order Surface devices & peripherals in volume ...

Warranty Documentation and Service Requests:
Frequently Asked Questions that cover product, availability, sales guidance, support, and services topics....


I mostly wanted to capture this for the direct order and warranty sights...

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Surface Pro Driver Pack now available

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - RELEASE: Surface Pro Driver Pack for Windows 8

The driver and firmware pack for Surface Pro, including all updates currently available for the device over Windows Update as of April 9th, is now live on the Microsoft Download Center.

The usage scenario for this would be to create your own custom deployment installation/image of Windows 8 for Surface Pro, enabling easier management – including Professional & Enterprise editions of Windows 8.




[GD: Click through for the direct download link]

I've seen a number of requests for this, so thought it would be good to amplify Kurt's post...

Friday, February 15, 2013

It's a Rap! The Surface Pro Rap, that is...

Go DevMENTAL - The Surface Pro Rap

"The Surface Pro was released on Saturday, enjoy this little rap inspired by the Surface Pro commercial below


The rap

(thanks MC Sean I warned you I would post it!)

To rock my business

I needed something fine

So I got a Surface Pro

To make my business shine

Running all my apps

In the modern UI

Jump into desktop mode

Business on the fly

Super sleek and light

Black as the night

Keyboard is the cover

Stand props just right


Full Desktop in the day

Keeping competition at bay

Win8 apps at night

Keeping friends real tight

It’s at the Microsoft Store

Or a retailer near you

Supplies running out fast

You best buy two


Come on... you know you want too (rap it, that is... and maybe buy one too, now that they are back in stock... :)

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Why oh why does my Surface WiFi not work well? (Here's a tip on addressing "limited WiFi" on the Surface RT)

AdditiveTips - How To Fix The Limited Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue On Microsoft Surface

"...According to some recent reports, a number of Surface users (including ourselves) have been facing limited Wi-Fi connectivity issues since day one. The tablet sometimes shows ‘Limited Connectivity’ error in network status, thereby leaving you unable to use the internet unless you reconnect to the Wi-Fi router or access point. Although Microsoft has released an update to combat this issue, a lot of users are still facing the same conundrum. On the bright side however, the issue can be easily fixed by following a few simple steps.



I've run into this and thought it was just me... guess not. Now I know and now I have this tip to help me out! :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Windows 8/RT Tablet Devices & Capabilities Spreadsheet to rule them all...

Kurt Shintaku's Blog - INFO: Spreadsheet of Windows 8/RT Tablet Devices & Capabilities

This is a list of all the Windows 8/RT Tablet devices that I am aware of as of December 12, 2012.

I created this because I wanted an easy way to quickly filter on certain technical requirements and see what models were available.  To be clear, this is obviously unofficial & just of my own creation (I’ve documented where I got most of the data for each row in the “Manufacturer’s Link” column) but it’s been useful for me and I thought I’d share.

Among other features, I’ve included next to each model:

  • 3G/4G Wireless WAN option
  • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip inclusion
  • Stylus/Active Digitizer availability
  • Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT
  • Smartcard availability
  • SD Card expansion
  • IvyBridge/Clovertrail/Qualcomm/Nvidia
  • Memory/Storage
  • Battery life
  • Camera resolution & I/O Ports
  • Networking, Bluetooth, & NFC
  • Weight, Dimensions
  • Price
  • …etc.


Kurt's done it again, this time with the one Windows 8 / Surface spreadsheet to rule them all..



Monday, November 21, 2011

Surface your VB... Coding the Microsoft Surface with VB

The Visual Basic Team - VB Support for Microsoft Surface 2.0

"...Version 2.0 introduces new functionality and support for more compact hardware. A glance at the Microsoft Surface team web site reveals some incredibly interesting uses for the technology.

The samples provided are a great introduction to writing code for the platform. VB versions of all the samples have been created and they provide a introduction to what is possible.

To develop Surface applications using VB requires installation of a few prerequisites:

And for those who feel inspired to create new surface projects from scratch we have included the project templates. To install these project templates after installing the above prerequisites – you can find then in the Visual Studio Gallery (Tools > Extension Manager) searching on the “VB_Surface” and install the new project templates.

You can now start up Visual Studio and the two surface templates should appear for Visual Basic as well as the existing two C# surface templates. This is another technology that is now targetable by VB developers and that utilizes the VB Core functionality." [GD:Post Leach Level 90%]

Microsoft Developer Network - Visual Basic Surface 2.0 SDK Samples

" The Visual Basic Surface 2.0 SDK Samples includes translations of the all the Surface 2.0 SDK samples used for developers targeting the Surface 2.0 platform. The Surface 2.0 SDK contains the C# equivalent samples.

This sample includes example applications and library functionality that demonstrate concepts used for writing surface applications. This sample is a single .zip containing a single Visual Studio .sln file, which then contains multiple Visual Studio projects. To try each sample, change the startup project in Visual Studio and then debug/execute the sample application.

The sample include the following

Samples using XNA

  • Cloth
  • Finger Fountain
  • Raw Image Visualizer

Samples using WPF

  • Controls Box
  • Data Visualizer
  • Grand Piano
  • Item Compare
  • Photo Paint
  • Scatter Puzzle
  • Shopping Cart


Good to see the VB support push continue. Would like to see it earlier, at time of launch (baked in the SDK/initial samples/etc/etc) but it's still good to see it come out soon than later... (Though I hope the "translations" doesn't just mean they were machine converted from C# to VB. I'm guessing not, but... :|  )