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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Simpler than sno… way to build a Linux/SUSE appliance – SUSE Studio

Elegant Code - Taking a Visit To The SUSE Studio

“After listening to the keynote of Monospace 2009, I got somewhat intrigued by the possibilities of SUSE Studio. Miguel de Icaza talked about this in his presentation and because its not that easy to follow a demo through an mp3 recording, I wanted to try it on my own. SUSE Studio lets you create your own customized appliances. An appliance is a pre-configured  combination of an operating system (SUSE Linux in this case),  applications and their configuration.

After logging on, the first step is creating a new appliance. Here you can choose which type of operating system you want to install (desktop, server or minimal), what type of desktop (GNOME or KDE) and the particular processor architecture you want to target (32-bit or 64-bit).



SUSE Studio


Okay that’s just pretty darn cool. I SO want something like this for Windows (but I also SO want to win the Lotto and the two are probably just about as likely).

This is an awesome way to build a OS deployment. Makes it fun to build your OS image…lol

Now what would be officially cool is if there was a cloud deployment option, say to EC2 or (lol) Azure…