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Friday, May 20, 2011

PDC Way Back Machine... Stuff, PPT's, Keynotes, etc from most PDC's all the way back to 1991 now available

Cool Stuff (a Channel 9 Blog) - Microsoft Professional Developers Conference Keynote Archives Now Online!

"The Channel 9 events area now includes all keynotes from previous Microsoft Professional Developers Conferences or as everyone calls it The PDC! Our archives start with the very first PDC which happened in Seattle in 1991 and go all the way up last fall’s event. ..."

Channel 9 Events - PDC



Looks like my first PDC is missing currently though, PDC 2001 in Los Angeles. Still some of this content really brings back some memories (some of which are better left where they were... lol )

Every update like this make me like the Channel 9 Events site more. Now if only... [Insert whine related to wish list section of this post]


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464 PDC Sessions from PDC08, PDC09 & PDC10 now available on Channel9 Events (and each with an "All Sessions, One List" view too!)
Channel 9 now the one stop Microsoft event shop - One site, many events (MIX06,07,08,09,10 for now more coming)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

464 PDC Sessions from PDC08, PDC09 & PDC10 now available on Channel9 Events (and each with an "All Sessions, One List" view too!)

C9Team - PDC Sessions now published on Channel 9

"Hey folks, in an earlier C9 team post we explained how we are moving event content from various places (MIX, PDC, TechEd, etc...) into Channel 9 to give you a single repository of as much technical content as we can bring together. Well, phase 2 of that move has occurred and 464 PDC sessions from across PDC08, PDC09 and PDC10 have arrived on Channel 9!


So not only do we get all the PDC08,09,10 content in one place but we also get it in a "all sessions, single list" view too! I think I'm finally out of the Session Video List biz (i.e. no more of these, PDC 10 Session Video List)!

Also I really dig that this isn't just a list/redirect to the content, but a complete repurposing and repackaging of it. I.e. a consistent look and feel for all the conferences, all with added C9 hosting goodness.

Kudo's to the C9 team for making this happen.



Some Wish List items:

  • I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they provide an Events OData feed so we can mash up all these events into our own things, viewers, etc...
  • High level event Feed. So I can subscribe to and see when new events become available
  • Custom RSS feeds. I'd like to have a means to build a feed that I can subscribe to with my media player of choice. Like, "give me all the WMV-Low videos related to WP7, from any conference in 2011", etc.
  • Cross conference, content/tag, speaker and time based view. Similar to the above item, but web based. I want to see all the Windows Azure sessions in 2011. Or every session by Doug Seven. Or... you get the picture.

Also I hope this has legs and all future conferences make it here... I believe that's going to happen given that MIX11 is already there, but the proof is in the pudding and all that...


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Channel 9 now the one stop Microsoft event shop - One site, many events (MIX06,07,08,09,10 for now more coming)

PDC 10 Session Video List
Microsoft TechEd 2010 is OData enabled
MIX10? There’s an OData Feed for that…
PDC09 Session Video List (Okay, so I lied)
Microsoft PDC09 video list, courtesy of Microsoft
Mix 09 Quick Video Link List
My PDC List Maker utility source updated to consume the PDC Channel 9 RSS Feed (resulting in the Keynotes now being included in the list), but fixes, etc.
My PDC Video Link List Maker project & source is now available on CodePlex
PDC2008 Quick Video Link List (Updated: Now with Keynotes)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Channel 9 now the one stop Microsoft event shop - One site, many events (MIX06,07,08,09,10 for now more coming)

C9Team - New Events Section Now Available on Channel 9!

"Hey folks, we’ve launched yet another new feature on Channel 9, making a new home for all of our ‘on-demand’ event content, consolidating the content from numerous domains and sub-domains.

So while you are waiting to attend MIX11, come take a trip down memory lane with us and experience the content from the MIX events of the past.

  • So far we’ve brought in all of the on-demand content from MIX06 through MIX10 and we are also hosting the newly released MIX11 sessions. That's nearly 500 MIX sessions and over 600 speakers!
  • We are in the process of bringing in all the PDC content that we currently have available at various locations (including PDC08, PDC09, and PDC10)

..." [GD: Post leach Level 95%]

Channel 9 - Events

Welcome to Events on Channel 9!

We have started moving content from our various events into Channel 9, bringing you more great technical content all in common location. So far we’ve moved in all the MIX content from 2006 through 2010, but we are busy at work on PDC, TechEd and more!


In a word... zomg, zomg, zomg... (Okay, that's like many words, but I'm weirdly exciting about this... as you can tell ;)

I've been asking for, well whining for, something like this for a few years now, a single repository for all Microsoft Event content. One place to go to for their awesome post event resources. And it looks like Channel 9 Events is just the ticket.

I hope the next logical step is to provide an Channel 9 Events OData feed (not RSS as I 'd like I can query, filter, sort, etc) so we can build uber cool event browsers/explorers/viewers/etc. How cool would it be to build a Microsoft Event Explorer (MEE... lol) that automagically includes the latest events due to a backend update/addition to the general OData feed?

Still as a V1 this is an outstanding first step. Hats off to the Channel 9 Team for making this happen.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Have a PDC09 Acer 1420p? Want the 216 page service manual/guide for it?

StructureTooBig Blog - Acer 1420P (PDC Laptop) Service Manual

“There aren’t too many Acer 1420P netbooks out there – this is the one given out at PDC 2009.  I was recently having some problems with it and needed to disassemble (to the bone).  If you’ve ever disassembled a laptop, you know you pretty much need a service manual to guide you.  I love my laptops, but working on them makes me really appreciate the modular ATX design in many desktops.

The problem was finding the service manual – I’m not exactly sure where I ended up getting this (I was about 20 tabs deep searching for various part numbers), but here it is in case you need it:

…” [GD: click through for the download link, I didn’t want to be click leach…]

I use my PDC09 Acer 1420p every day and until Sandybridge notebooks come out (and Sandybridge is “fixed”) it will remain my primary personal notebook. So when I saw this I knew I needed to grab a copy for my ebook shelf.



Tuesday, November 02, 2010

PDC 10 Session Video List

[Last Updated on: 11/5/2010 @ 8:15AM PDT]

TitleWMV HighWMV LowMP4 LowMP4 HighPPTX
BAC01 Ch9 Outtakes: Bust a Move
BAC02 Ch9 Outtakes: Constantinople
C901 11AM Welcome, 11:30AM WP7 Dev/Apps Q&A (1 hour)
C902 2PM Break, 2:30PM STB President Bob Muglia
C903 3-4PM Charlie Kindel (1 hour), 4PM Cloud Cover
C904 4:30PM Web Dev Q&A, 5PM This Week on Ch9 Live
C905 9AM Welcome, 9:30AM WP7 Controls Q&A
C906 10AM XNA for WP7, 11AM Dave Campbell
C907 11:30AM Programming HTML 5, 12PM Break
C908 2PM Mark Russinovich (cont.), 2:30PM Debug/Testing
C909 3PM Coding4Fun, 3:30PM This Week on Ch9 Live!
C910 12:30PM Scott Guthrie, 1-2:00PM Anders Hejlsberg
C911 12:30PM Eng Research, 1:30PM Mark Russinovich
CD01 Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Pt. 1 of 2WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD02 Mysteries of Windows Memory Management, Pt. 2 of 2WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD03 Optimizing Performance for Silverlight WP7 AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD04 Building XNA Games for Windows Phone 7WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD05 Analysis and Optimization of XNA Games on WP7WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD06 Things I Wish I Knew about Building WP7 AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD07 Build Windows Phone 7 apps with Windows Azure PlatWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD08 Unlocking the JavaScript Opportunity with IE 9WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD09 Building High Performance HTML 5 Sites with IE 9WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD10 Pinned Sites with Internet Explorer 9 & Windows 7WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD11 3-Screen Coding: Sharing code between Windows ...WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD50 Silverlight: Tips and ARC Patterns and PracticesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD51 The Rich Mobile Web – Today and TomorrowWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CD52 Best Practices for Cross-Browser Web AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD53 Introducing HTML5 Graphics : Canvas and SVGWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CD54 Making Money with the Windows Phone Market PlaceWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD56 How Every Developer Can Use the GPU in Any AppWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD57 Direct2D and DirectWrite for Hardware AccelerationWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD58 High Performance GPU Games and Technical AppsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CD60 WPF Today and TomorrowWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS01 Building High Performance Web Apps with AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS02 Building Scale-Out Database Solutions on SQL AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS03 Building, Deploying, and Managing Windows Azure...WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS04 Composing Applications with AppFabric ServicesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS05 Connecting Cloud & On-Premise Apps with Azure PlatWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS06 New Scenarios and Apps with Data in the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS07 Identity & Access Control in the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS08 Inside Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS09 Migrating and Building Apps for Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS10 Open in the Cloud: Windows Azure and JavaWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS11 Windows Azure Storage Deep DiveWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS50 Build Business Apps in the Cloud with CMR OnlineWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS51 Building Engaging Apps with Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS53 Developing PHP Apps on the Windows Azure PlatWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS54 Inside the Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarketWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS55 Integrating SharePoint with Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS56 Introduction to Database Manager for SQL AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS57 Offline Apps using Sync Framework and SQL AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS58 Introduction to SQL Azure Data SyncWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS59 Introduction to SQL Azure ReportingWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS60 Introduction to Windows Azure AppFabric CachingWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS61 Introduction to Windows Azure Marketplace DataMarketWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS62 Managing Access Control Service (ACS) NamespacesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS63 Inside Windows Azure Virtual MachinesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS64 Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 and RoadmapWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS65 SharePoint in the Cloud: Developing SolutionsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS66 High Performance Computing to the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
CS67 Understanding Windows Azure ConnectWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS68 What's New in Windows AzureWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS69 Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus FuturesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
CS70 What's New in SQL Azure?WMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT01 ASP.NET + Packaging + Open SourceWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT02 Code First Development with Entity FrameworkWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT03 Inside Some of The Top OData ServicesWMVHIGHWMVMP4HighPPTX
FT04 Building Web APIs for the Highly Connected WebWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT05 Visual Studio IntelliTrace & Test Impact AnalysisWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT06 Better Code Through Smart Assertions & Unit TestsWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT07 Moving a Major Microsoft TFS to the CloudWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT08 Windows Workflow Foundation FuturesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT09 The Future of C# and Visual BasicWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT10 LINQ, Take Two: Realizing LINQ to Everything DreamWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT11 Programming Languages PanelWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
FT12 The Future of F#: Data and ServicesWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT13 Lambdas, Lambdas EverywhereWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT50 Deep Dive into RazorWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT51 Software Maintenance and Problem IsolationPPTX
FT52 Parallel Computing Goes MainstreamWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT53 Test Automation EverywhereWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT54 Continuous Delivery:Product Backlog to Virtual LabWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
FT56 WebMatrix: The Web ReloadedWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4HighPPTX
KEY01 PDC10 keynotes with Steve Ballmer and Bob MugliaWMVHIGHWMVMP4LowMP4High
RSS Feeds (Only containing items in the above list with videos):

Here’s my first pass at my usual PDC Session list post. I know you’ve all been waiting on pins and nettles for it… lol :p

The encoded videos seem to be coming online a bit at a time so it’s going to be a bit before it’s fully fleshed out. As usual I’ll be refreshing this page throughout the coming week or so… Also I’ll post an RSS Feed(s) in a day or so (once the list fleshes out a bit).

This year it took me far longer to teak my cheese PDC List Maker ( than it did to get the actual session data. WOW, what a difference it makes having the PDC data available as an OData feed. All you need to do is add a Service Reference to the OData feed, init the ScheduleModel and go…

Step 1: Add a Service Reference (
Step 2: Code
  Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
    Dim svc = New PDC10OData.ScheduleModel(New Uri(""))

    Dim sessions = From session In svc.Sessions.Expand("DownloadableContent").ToList

    For Each s In sessions
      For Each d In s.DownloadableContent
        Debug.Print(d.Title + " " + d.Url)

  End Sub

Step None: You’re done… Seriously, it’s pretty much that easy.

Kudo’s to - Building a Mobile-Browser-Friendly List of PDC 2010 Sessions with Windows Azure and OData who provide the step up I needed to get started…

Updated 11/2/2010 @ 10:30AM PDT: Added initial RSS Feeds.
Updated 11/2/2010 @ 1:45PM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed.
Updated 11/3/2010 @ 8:30AM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed.
Updated 11/4/2010 @ 8:00AM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed. List now nearly complete...
Updated 11/5/2010 @ 8:15AM PDT: List & RSS Feeds refreshed. I think this is about it...

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PDC09 Session Video List (Okay, so I lied)
Microsoft PDC09 video list, courtesy of Microsoft
Mix 09 Quick Video Link List
My PDC List Maker utility source updated to consume the PDC Channel 9 RSS Feed (resulting in the Keynotes now being included in the list), but fixes, etc.
My PDC Video Link List Maker project & source is now available on CodePlex
PDC2008 Quick Video Link List (Updated: Now with Keynotes)

Friday, October 29, 2010

PDC10 Async Round-up

For many developers the yesterday’s C#5/VB11 Async news was pretty exciting. There’s a great deal of information, resources, downloads, etc available so instead of blogging about specific posts like I usually do, I’m instead going to do a quick round-up.

[Last Update On: 11/10/2010]

Original PDC Session Announcement

Channel 9 Videos

Blog Posts

MSDN Blog Posts

Other Link Posts

News Articles

Microsoft Downloads

Visual Studio Gallery 

As I find more in the coming week or so, I’ll update this list…


Update 10/30/2010:
Added: amazedsaint's .net journal - C# 5.0 Asynchrony – A Quick Look at async/await in the Async CTP
Added: Jon Skeet: Coding Blog - C# 5 async and choosing terminology: why I'm against "yield"
Added: Gunnar Peipman's ASP.NET blog - What is Visual Studio Async?

Update 11/1/2010:
Added: Fabulous Adventures In Coding - Asynchrony in C# 5, Part Three: Composition
Added: IanG on Tap - C# 5 Async Exception Handling
Added: I Programmer - Async, Await and the UI problem
Added: Peter Ritchie's MVP Blog - More on Async Functions
Added: Peter Ritchie's MVP Blog - A New Asynchronicity Awaits You
Added: Jon Skeet: Coding Blog - C# 5 async: experimenting with member resolution (GetAwaiter, BeginAwait, EndAwait)
Added: Jon Skeet: Coding Blog - C# 5 async: investigating control flow

Update 11/2/2010:
Added: DOT NET TRICKS - C# 5.0 Asynchronous Made Easy
Added: ThomasP.Net - Asynchronous C# and F# (II.): How do they differ?

Update 11/3/2010:
Added: Kyle McClellan - Using the Visual Studio Async CTP with RIA Services
Added: Smart Software - Building Iterators Using Asynchronous Methods
Added: The Wayward WebLog - Elegance in Asynchrony

Update 11/4/2010:
Added: Fabulous Adventures In Coding - Asynchrony in C# 5.0 part Four: It's not magic

Update 11/5/2010:
Added: Visual Studio Gallery - Microsoft Visual Studio Async CTP
Added: Peter Ritchie's MVP Blog - Testing Strategies Involving Async Functions
Added: Lars Wilhelmsen - TaskWsdlImportExtension–a hidden gem in the C# vNext async CTP samples

Update 11/10/2010:
This will likely be the last Round-Up update…
Added: Fabulous Adventures In Coding - Asynchrony in C# 5 Part Five: Too many tasks
Added: Tim Sneath - PDC10: The Future of C# and Visual Basic

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windows Phone 7 ConfApp - Microsoft conferences with schedules and past PowerPoint decks/session videos, now with for PDC10

ConceptDev (Craig Dunn's blog) - Conf for PDC10 on Windows Phone 7

“A first-cut of the PDC10 schedule can now be downloaded for the Windows Phone 7 version of Conf - now available on Marketplace (search for Conf/look for this tile).
To download new conference data in Conf

  • Start on the first panel of the Panorama
  • Scroll down to other conferences... and touch Download more...
  • When the list downloads from the server, touch PDC10
  • PDC10 should appear in the list - if not, switch between the conferences until it does :-s


ConfApp [Conference App]


Conference Schedules
Conf lets you download schedules from the web and plan which sessions you'll attend.

Speakers & Sessions
Conf lets you download schedules from the web and plan which sessions you'll attend.

News feed
Conf downloads the latest news from the official RSS feed.

Videos and slides of past sessions/conferences
Conf provides links (when available) to online session videos and (for Windows Phone 7) the Powerpoint slides.

Currently available

  • PDC09 (including videos and slides)
  • MIX10 (including videos and slides)
  • REMIX10 Australia
  • PDC10
  • TechEd10 Europe (coming soon)


ConfApp [Conference App] - Windows Phone 7


Nice! I dig how past conferences are included, with their session videos and PPT’s. This kind of thing is something I’ve been thinking about for ages now… (aka my past thoughts on a MSFT ConfAPI/ConferenceAPI where they provide the raw data for all their conferences in an api, like OData, and then let the community mash it up… just like this)

Now if only I had a Windows Phone 7… :(


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Microsoft PDC09 video list, courtesy of Microsoft
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My PDC List Maker utility source updated to consume the PDC Channel 9 RSS Feed (resulting in the Keynotes now being included in the list), but fixes, etc.
My PDC Video Link List Maker project & source is now available on CodePlex
PDC2008 Quick Video Link List (Updated: Now with Keynotes)

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Have a PDC09 Acer 1420p? Having the SDTabletPC handle leak issue? Brian Peek as got something you’re going to want to get… [Insert “There’s a Fix for that” humorous comment here] - Acer 1420P Leaky Handle Driver Fix

“I wasn’t lucky enough to receive the Acer 1420P laptop given out at PDC this year since I was “staff”, however I wound up picking one up on eBay for a very reasonable price.  I received it last week, added an additional 2GB of RAM, used my Windows Home Server to save off the original hard drive image, and then repaved the machine, installing Windows 7 Ultimate x64, drivers, and applications from scratch.  Earlier this week I noticed the machine was consuming over 3GB of memory with only 1 or 2 applications open.  Looking at Task Manager, the RAM usage by process looked normal, which didn’t match the total memory usage.  After reading the Performance tab a bit more, I saw that the operating system had over 5 million handles open!

Back on the Processes tab, I turned on the Handles column and saw that a process named SDTabletPC.exe was consuming the 5 million handles, and it was growing by 10 handles per second [GD: Emphasis added].  This file is installed and run after installing the latest accelerometer driver (v1.00.00.16) from Acer’s support site.  This driver and executable are responsible for rotating the screen based on the machine orientation in tablet mode.

I was unable to fix the executable by patching in calls to CloseHandle, so I took another approach.  I wrote a very small app in C which finds the SDTabletPC.exe process, opens a process handle to it, enumerates all of its open handles, and forcefully closes all those that are handles to \Device\STHall.  The application then sleeps for 5 seconds and repeats the process forever.

I have put the application and its source code up for download here [GD: Click through for the download link… I don’t want to leach all his traffic].  Note that this fix is only for the latest version of the driver shown here, version  I know it won’t work with the driver installed in the default PDC image and I can’t guarantee it’ll work with newer drivers.  So if you’re still running the original PDC driver, make sure you head to Acer’s support site and download the latest version



So there I was, my trusty PDC09 Acer 1420p in hand and looking at the Task Manager, “2 million handles! WTH?” Yeah, a single process had 2 million handles. I just had to laugh out loud, it was so over the top…

Needless to say I killed that beast. Then I went to the Acer site, grabbed the latest version of the driver and tried that. Same issue… sigh

Since I don’t use the functionality that driver provides, I’ve been killing it and checking for updates each time (yeah, yeah, I could have just nuked its Run entry, but I wanted a reminder to check for updates and since I only reboot once a month or two…)

Then Brian pinged me about a fix he was working on.

Talk about humbling… Here I was whining about it, sitting on the sidelines doing nothing and there he is firing up his debugger, Visual Studio and banging out a fix  (+10 Dev Geek Cred’s to Brian, –10 to Greg).

So Brian has not only created and released a “Fix” utility, but documented the process he went through, the resources he used and his source too! Nice…

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The PDC09 Keynoted Silverlight Facebook Client is now available (as a developer preview sample and without source)

Method ~ of ~ failed (Tim Heuer) - Silverlight Client for Facebook available

“Remember the final moments of the Scott Guthrie keynote presentation at PDC09?  Where Brian Goldfarb came on stage and demonstrated a completed application using a lot of the features of Silverlight 4?  Yeah, that Facebook application.  Well, it’s here now!

The Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook has been released as a developer preview sample.  In order to use it you must have Silverlight 4 developer builds installed.

What about source code?

At this time no source code is being provided…and probably won’t be.  I’m not the decision maker on ultimately if it will or not, just my assumption.  The Facebook client is meant to be a working demonstration/inspiration of what one could do with existing services and providing different views into an existing application framework.

How can I install this and will it work on my Mac?

You can play around with the app by visiting the Microsoft Silverlight 4 Beta Client for Facebook app on the Silverlight samples site (which also includes the other sample applications from PDC09).  As a reminder, this is a developer preview build and intended for developers. …

Yes, it will work on your Mac (as long as you have an Intel processor version). …


Silverlight Client for Facebook


No source? What the? Na… that’s something that has to change. I mean a developer preview without source? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

While I’ll give this a try on a non-production system, I’m likely to just stick with Fishbowl (which does have the source available ;)

(via Silverlight Show - Silverlight Client for Facebook Available)


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Friday, January 15, 2010

The PDC09 Trip Report Kit – Let DaveDev do the slides so you can focus on the sharing…

DaveDev - PDC09 Trip Report Kit available for download. Taking out the drudgery so you can focus on the fun

It’s about Sharing

One of the favorite things in my role at Microsoft is going out to local usergroup meetings (you can check out the full listing in the blog sidebar to the left).  The environment of sharing and enabling others to grow never ceases to impress.  Maybe it is the fact I am just getting older but in recent years the relationships I build with people have come to mean more to me than the technology I learn.  These groups offer a healthy portion of both with various technical presentations and dedicated networking time to get to know one another.

Having spent most of my career in large enterprises a trip report is something I just made a habit of doing.  Especially, when I got the rare opportunity to attend a big conference.  Those on my team have seen some of the twenty page trip reports I have put together but how can I share that with the community?

I see the traffic on twitter and know many are busy doing giving briefings now to their own workgroups on what they saw at PDC09.  I thought about it and here is how I think I can help…

A PDC09 Trip Report Kit

I often do summaries of my trips to major conferences or announcements but I wanted to get something out to you this time you could use for your own presentations. 

The idea behind this kit is to put together a starting point for your meeting.  Whether that is at your workplace, or at your local usergroup, you can take this presentation and demos and modify as you see fit.

This PowerPoint is available here and runs about 90 slides. Depending on how much Q&A you get you should allow for 90-120 minutes.   It does not cover everything from PDC and is meant as a starting point for your audience to follow-up with more in-depth hands on technical labs.



If you want or need to share PDC09 with friends, family, co-workers, people you meet on the street, etc, why go through the pain of building your own slide deck when you can steal (…errrr… um… borrow… yeah… that…) someone else’s? I mean do you really want to build the deck? Really?

Anyway, I thought this cool, both intent and content, and since it’s my blog… lol :)