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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

That's Onetastic Documentation! Onetastic Macro Language doc's are now available...

Onetastic for Microsoft OneNote - Documentation for Macro Language is Now Available

Macros allow extending OneNote's functionality in a way that was never possible before. Macroland is full of ready to download macros. Many users developed their own macros and published them there. Developing macros may be a daunting task especially since the Macro language wasn't documented at all, except for a few tutorials in this blog.

Today extensive documentation is available for the Onetastic Macro Language here. You can find the link "DOCUMENTATION" above as well. The documentation has following sections:

  • Getting Started: An introduction to Macros and the Macro Language
  • Commands: List of Macro commands and detailed explanation of their syntax, possible values and allowed child commands
  • Concepts: Basic concepts of the Macro Language like Objects, Properties, Variables and Functions
  • Tutorial: Updated tutorial on how to build Macros
  • Hierarchy and Page Objects:  Detailed documentation on all objects supported in Macros and their hierarchical structure as well as list of properties.

If you haven't tried building macros before or tried but got stuck due to limited information available, you can give it another try by reading the tutorial and checking out all the reference information.


This is one of the must have OneNote Extensions, with a great and growing list of macro's, but like said, figuring out how to write them was "fun." Now, we can RTFM. Woot!


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Thursday, July 17, 2014

OneNote for * (in this case, the Podcaster)

Office Blogs - Podcasting with OneNote

I’ve been podcasting for nearly six years and recorded over 200 episodes. Along the way, I’ve gone through dozens of equipment configurations, including different microphones, PCs, and recording software. But one thing has remained the same since the beginning: OneNote. My fellow hosts and I rely heavily on OneNote, thanks to its sharing and real-time collaboration features.


Before you can start recording, someone has to actually write the show notes. One of my favorite little-known features in OneNote 2013 is the ability to set a default template for the section [GD: Emphasis added]. Since each episode of the show follows the same basic format, we created a template for the outline with placeholders for the stuff that changes, such as the episode title, the name of our guest, and of course the announcements and discussion topics. The default template is stored in the notebook, so it’s automatically applied to any page we create in the section, regardless of which client we’re on. This saves us from having to rewrite everything from scratch or delete information from older episodes.

Of course, we use OneNote for more than just the show notes. The podcast notebook contains everything from guest lists, episode schedules, and brainstorming to a full-fledged guide to podcasting with tips, how-tos, and best practices.


[Insert "damn, I seem to feel dumber every day" snip here]. I've been using the Copy-n-Paste method for my OneNote "template" pages for forever. This default template feature is now my favorite OneNote feature of the day.

Took me a bit to find it though...

Insert Tab, Page Templates


This opens the Template pane


To set the default template for new pages for the given section


To create the my templates, I used the "Save current page as a template" (yeah, I know, imagine that). And yes, each section in each Notebook can have their own and different templates.

My OneNote Story...

I've been using OneNote to help me manage my Coding4Fun Blog, Kinect Gallery, This Week on Channel 9 cast and RadioTFS now for years and couldn't be happier.

When the team gathers via Skype for RadioTFS, we all open the RadioTFS Notebook, hack show page with the possible stories (which I've been gathering for the past weeks), pick the stores for the show, organize who's taking what story,  etc. all interactively (but yeah, sometimes we do step on each other, in short, don't edit the same line at the same time, OneNote will whine at the next sync). After the show, we then gather the show notes from it too.

I know other casters use OneNote too (like TWiT's Windows Weekly, etc.). It really is an under appreciated by the masses Office app. If you're not OneNoting, you are missing out (i.e. Once you OneNote you never go back... ;)

Monday, April 28, 2014

One Idea to OneNote in three hours... Zapier’s Journey

OneNote Dev Blog - Zapier’s OneNote Integration Journey

We are thrilled to have our first guest post on our blog! The following is post from Bryan Helmig of Zapier, who is launching their new OneNote app on Zapier today.

It was right before lunch when we learned that OneNote was launching their API. Naturally, we were very excited about the prospect of quickly bringing OneNote to our user base, though we had one obvious problem: we had never seen their API before!

Here's how we acted on our excitement that day and within three hours integrated OneNote to Zapier:

The first stop was the OneNote Dev Center, where I began by looking for keywords that would clue me in on the style of API, luckily I spotted some references to REST and OAuth. While we work with hundreds of different flavored APIs at Zapier, common patterns like REST and OAuth make our lives very easy.

Within 10 minutes, I had a pretty good understanding of what the OneNote API could do, how we'd authenticate it and how we'd utilize it. The Dev Center contains some particularly good pages, all enumerated in the wonderful how to section.

Next, I created a OneNote app inside the Zapier Developer Platform and started configuring it according to the OneNote API documentation. Let's cover the basics:



But that isn't all, you can utilize multipart/form-data with other different embeddable content types like images. You can read about this in more detail here.

We used this most basic of patterns to expand into other actions like pulling down HTML from URLs to create an auto-snipper, inserting an image URL into a normal note with img tags, or wrapping up some normal text content into some valid HTML.

Each variation took maybe 15-20 minutes to build and test, but in the end we had a pretty robust little app that was very painless to develop!


A mere 3 hours after learning of the OneNote API, we were able to launch our OneNote integration, which is a testament to a knockout


I love these kinds of behind-baseball posts, especially when it comes from a third party who lives integration...

Like I've said before, I wonder if the opening of OneNote isn't one of the bellwether moments, where you, your ideas and their API you take it to places never even envisioned or dreamed of by the team. For example, I wonder if I couldn't use a public read-only Notebook in place of, or as an addendum to, my blog. There are clients everywhere, sync is baked in, there's offline editing, rich editor, etc. If there were some kind of ad support, visit counting and commenting (cough... well maybe that's very optional... lol) I think we'd be close. Even without that, I'm still thinking about it... hum...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

OneNote Dev isn't dead by a long shot! The OneNote team opens up about their near-term API roadmap

OneNote Dev Blog - OneNote API Near-Term Roadmap

Hey folks, this is James Lau - I am the Lead Program Manager on the OneNote API team. In this blog post, I’d like to share with your our near-term roadmap and get your feedback.

Last week, we launched the initial version of our API. The first set of features are focused on scenarios for creating pages in OneNote: mobile app scanners, hardware scanners, save-it-for-later for newsreaders, etc. Of course, we are far from done, and we have already started are busy working on the next set of features. Instead of "going dark" and then shipping features that we think you want, we would rather have a dialog with you on what we are building.

One of the core principles we have on our team is customer transparency. We understand that you are trusting us and taking a bet on our platform when you use our API. As such, not only do you deserve to know what we are planning, but you also deserve to have a say in what we do! We have set up a OneNote API feedback site so you can participate in our planning, vote on features and submit your ideas.

Here is a list of the capabilities and features that we are planning to deliver over the next 3 to 6 months. That is a very rough timeframe, and priorities can change at any time, so please don't base your plan on this timeframe. The features below are also not listed in strict priority order. We have multiple teams tackling this list simultaneously, so some of these will be built in parallel. Nonetheless, we would love to get your feedback on their relative importance to you.


Please let us know of anything you want that's missing and vote on the ones that you really want *right now*! Your feedback will really help us prioritize and influence what we work on next.

Other than transparency, our team also believes in delivering customer value early. That means we are going to be delivering new features as they are completed and not take a "big bang" approach. We do daily deployments to our service too, so there are tons of opportunities to get these features out on a regular basis.


Looking forward to these features. The current API is a good starting point, but just that, a starting point. I hope they can keep the momentum and cadence up.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Something great to note, the OneNote services API!

Office Dev Center - Getting started with the OneNote service API

In this article
Publish popular apps with the OneNote Service API
What does the OneNote Service API do?
Using the OneNote Service API is EASY
Start coding fast


Write apps to take notes, gather research, and succeed. The OneNote service API is designed to make it easy to write apps that let students do research for term papers and reports, families share plans and ideas, shoppers share images—all the things that interest them most. They use your app to grab the information they want and your app then uses the API to send the information to their personal OneNote notebook, stored in Microsoft OneDrive.

Integrate with OneNote to organize information, plans and life. Combining your apps with the simple notebook, section and pages metaphor, your app users can make plans, organize projects and groups, and handle the overflowing information that is their life.

Reach millions of OneNote users on all the major platforms. As part of Microsoft Office, and available separately on a wide variety of platforms, millions of people worldwide actively use OneNote. When you publish your apps to capture information into the fully-featured OneNote environment, the cross-platform market potential is simply too big to ignore.

Capture information in many formats. The API enables your app to capture HTML, images embedded in the request or at a URL, video, audio, email messages, and other common file types. Your app can even capture a snapshot image of a web page for historical records and archiving.

Stay tuned as we expand and improve. Capturing to OneNote is just the start for the API. We have some great ideas, and are adding features regularly. Jump in early, add capabilities as we do, and grow with us.


Of today's many OneNote announcements, the best is hard to pick (free is heard to beat), but being a dev I have to pick the new OneNote Services API. With it and the new ITTT support, I've been able to make a very workflow change to how I gather the news items I find cool. Before I used favorites (yeah, yeah, I know, but it worked and has worked for years), today I've moved to OneNote, but the new Clip Note and NewsBlur - IFTTT support. I've now got full text indexing, search and syncing for everything I find that's "cool." Now that's cool! :)

And I can't wait for what else this new capability enables.

Was today the day that OneNote finally takes over? Could be... could be... (we'll know for sure if it becomes a verb, "Just OneNote it... "  :)

Friday, August 09, 2013

OneNote 2013 COM API XML Schema

Engineering OneNote Blog - OneNote 2013 COM API XML Schema - OneNote 2013 XSD

Omer wanted to make sure we uploaded the OneNote 2013 COM API XML Schema so customers could get it if you are programming against the OneNote 2013 API.  You can get it here: OneNoteApplication_2013_xsd.  It will download as a text file so please just rename it as an .xsd and then you can view it in your XML viewer of choice.

For earlier versions you can see here: OneNote 2010 XML Schema & OneNote 2007 XML Schema. ...

Developing against OneNote is, "interesting". The API is very, very XML and it doesn't have an object model that you'd expect if you've every coded against Word/Excel/PowerPoint. Meaning the XSD really is the "API" for OneNote.

BTW, if you are looking for a more traditional Object Model for OneNote, I've used this in the past, Creating OneNote 2010 Extensions with the OneNote Object Model -> OneNote Object Model, and it's gotten the job done. It's a code only, but it will help you get started..

Friday, December 28, 2012

What's New in [Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Access] 2013 Work Smart Guides

What's New in Excel 2013?

The first thing you see when you open Excel® 2013 is a brand new look. It’s cleaner, but it’s also designed to help you get professional-looking results quickly. You will find many new features that help you draw more persuasive pictures of your data, guiding you to better, more informed decisions.

What's New in Word 2013?

With Word 2013, you can do more with your docs: pop in an online video, open a PDF in Word and reuse the content, or align pictures and diagrams with minimal fuss. The new Read Mode is clean and distraction free—and it works great on tablets. Teaming up is better too, with connections to SkyDrive® Pro and streamlined review features like Simple Markup and Reply Comment.

What's New in Outlook 2013?

The first thing you see when you open Outlook ® 2013 is a new look. It’s cleaner, but it’s also designed to help you focus on what’s important with a clear view of email, calendars, and contacts.


What’s New in Access 2013?

With the new Access, you don’t have to be a developer to quickly create custom browser-based apps. Access apps reliably solve business needs such as contact management, customer billing, and order tracking. The new “App Experience” makes navigating easy. Access ensures end users can find features and commands. You can control your Access apps with SharePoint® in a browser via Office 365™.

What's New in PowerPoint 2013?

PowerPoint® 2013 has a brand new look. It’s cleaner and primed for use on tablets, so you can swipe and tap your way through presentations. Presenter View automatically adjusts your projection setup, and you can even use it on a single monitor. Themes come with variations, which makes it easy to hone in on the look you want. And when you’re working with others, you can reply to comments and have meaningful conversations where they matter most.

What's New in OneNote 2013?

OneNote® is a digital notebook for capturing, storing, and sharing all kinds of information—notes, pictures, web pages, and media. You can access your OneNote information wherever you go on any device. Create notes, sketch a diagram, record a lecture, and connect them to related presentation files, photos, videos, web links, charts, and more.



High level, family and boss safe "what's new" guides for Office 2013. If you're looking to introduce someone to the Office 2013, these "work smart" guides might be a good starting point. The resources in the back might be worth the price of the download (which is free, but you know what I mean)


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Work Smart Guides updated. Don't write your own "how to use X/Y/Z Microsoft tech," download and customize these!
Work Smart (by letting someone else do the icky document creation grunt work) – “Work Smart Productivity Guides” from Microsoft for your end-user training, re-use and tweaking pleasure

Sunday, February 05, 2012

Stop copy-n-pasting your pages... OneNote page templates are click-click easy...

Tim Murphy's .NET Software Architecture Blog - Organizing Your Work With OneNote Page Templates

"If you have seen the Windows Phone commercial where the father is in the grocery store with the shopping list in OneNote you have gotten you first taste of the flexibility that can be had with OneNote. I like most consultants have a lot of fires going and once and I am finding that the templates in OneNote are helping me to get a handle on the different projects and tasks I need to track.

I started using OneNote to do simply what its name suggests: take and organize notes. Lately though I am finding ways that it can help to centralize things that I had been using multiple applications to accomplish. Having them all in one place, as with most things makes it easier to not miss something.

You may find using the tasks feature of Outlook works well for you, but I found that I was in and out of my email so fast that I ignored the tasks. As simple To Do List template in OneNote seems to be the solution for me since I spend so much time documenting projects. As an alternative you can use the Prioritized To Do List shown below or the Project To Do List which gives you a list per project.



I've become a pretty heavy OneNote user in the last year, but being a dev dude, I just started using it, figuring it out as I went along. And while this journey of discovery can be fun, it does lead to some holes, to missing some important features.

For example, Page Templates.

Until reading this post, OneNote Page Templates isn't something I thought about at all. Sure I use templates all the time in Word, PowerPoint, etc, but I always considered template to be a document level thing. So I knew there were OneNote Notebook templates (which you'd use once), but didn't even think there might be Page templates (which you can use over and over)... sigh

Using Page Templates isn't hard once you know the trick (which took me a little bit to find).

Funny enough, creating a new page based on a template or saving the current page as a template is done via New Page.



Select a template and pow, done.


To save the current page as a template, it's just as easy. Have the page open that you want to save and then;


You'll name the template and again, pow, you're done. Your new template will now be available in your "My Templates"

Are there more OneNote Page templates available online? You, bet.

OneNote 2010 Page Templates


Yes, these are all OneNote Page templates (I know, I thought, "Charts? Letters? Invites?" But, yep, these are all OneNote Page Templates...)

Let's look at one, the Home Lists;


In short, if you're a OneNoter and you're not using Page Templates, you're missing out...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Using the Group Project Toolkit, Office Web Apps and SkyDrive to take some of the coordination nightmare out of group projects...

Tech Notes for Higher Education and K12 Institutions -Group Project Toolkit + Office Web Apps

"Make group work a breeze with the Group Project Toolkit and Office Web Apps. Microsoft's Group Project Toolkit consists of a group paper outline in Word, a group presentation outline in PowerPoint, a tracker for assigning group tasks in Excel and a notebook for group research in OneNote. Users are encouraged to view the document in Office Web Apps, download it to their PC and make their edits. Upload it to SkyDrive and share with the rest of the group.

[GD: I've reordered the below items...]


This Excel doc will help you track your project, assign tasks to group members and upload the document to SkyDrive so everyone always knows what to work on.


A great project starts with great research. Get started with this notebook and share with the group on SkyDrive so everyone can contribute and see each other’s notes


Hate consolidating and reformatting your group’s work before turning it in? Start everyone off on the right foot by using Word Web App and save the hassle.


Ready to share your work? This PowerPoint doc has what you need to start—everyone can work on the final deck together from almost anywhere.



Note: You can find the "Group Project Toolkit" here,



If you've ever done a group project (who hasn't?) you'll recognize how these free templates and hosting might be able to help save a little of your sanity (in short, STOP the emailing documents around nightmare!)

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Onetastic way to crop images in OneNote...


"Have you ever clipped something from the web or pasted some image in OneNote and realized that it is not quite right? Word, PowerPoint and even Excel enjoys rich picture formatting features, while OneNote is about quickly capturing information and not much about fine detailed presentation of it. Still it wouldn't hurt to be able to crop an image you just captured to reduce the clutter and unwanted content.

Well, Onetastic now supports a new context menu item for images: Crop. Just right click on an image and select Crop at the bottom and you will be able to cut it the way you want.



Onetastic  - What is Onetastic?

"Onetastic is an add-in for Microsoft OneNote. It provides additional functionality that is commonly requested. I am developing it at my free time as a hobby. I love OneNote and I work as a developer at Microsoft OneNote team. Although OneNote is fantastic software, we cannot include every piece of functionality in it. In some sense, Onetastic is a way for me to prototype and play with the things that are possible with OneNote. So enjoy additional features and if you want to provide feedback, scroll to the bottom for the comment form or visit the contact page and drop me an e-mail. Check out FAQ page for some troubleshooting help.


Onetastic currently has the following features:
  • Rotate/flip printout pages

    When you print a document to OneNote, sometimes one of the pages needs to be in landscape orientation or you may have forgotten to select "Landscape" for the whole document when to printing. OneNote has a rotate/flip option on images but the same feature was left out for printout pages. Install Onetastic and you can now right click any printout page and rotate or flip it.
  • Cleanup printout files

    When you delete a page of a multi-page printout, OneNote will display a message at the top of the page that reads: "One or more pages of the Printout below are hidden. To remove this message, delete all pages of the Printout below". This message tries to tell you that the file that backs the printout still contains the pages you deleted, so if you were to share the OneNote page with someone else, they can still extract those pages. However many users including me found the message confusing and there is no way to get rid of it even if you fully understand what it is trying to say. Onetastic provides a button on the ribbon to clean up the backing document for the printout by removing the pages you deleted from the file and remove the message.
  • OneCalendar

    OneCalendar is a standalone tool that provides a calendar view for OneNote. It displays the pages on the date you created or last modified them. Find more info on the OneCalendar page.


I'm starting to become a pretty heavy OneNote user (it's how I organize the posts/notes for the C4F blog, Kinect Gallery, TWC9, RadioTFS, family dates, house to-do's, etc., etc.) have have found many thing I love about it and a few holes. Like the image handling. While I don't currently include many images in my OneNote notebook, when I do I usually have to run them through a third party utility first, to trim/crop/etc. Looks like this extension might save me a couple steps... :)

(via OneNote Testing - Cropping screenshots in OneNote 2010)

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Yesterday's Patch Tuesday delivers some OneNote 2010 goodness too. Free update to improve OneNote 2010's SkyDrive and sync features...

OneNote Blog - Free update for OneNote 2010 improves SkyDrive and sync features

In response to customer feedback that many of you have reported on the OneNote forums on Microsoft Answers in the past months, we're happy to announce that the OneNote development team has released a free update for the desktop client version of Microsoft OneNote 2010.

When applied, this update improves the user experience for SkyDrive integration features and the sync status interface for shared notebooks on SkyDrive and on SharePoint.

Improvements to SkyDrive Integration

With over 200 million Microsoft Office files and OneNote notebooks already uploaded to SkyDrive, we wanted to make accessing your content in the cloud even simpler from within OneNote 2010.

After you've applied the OneNote update, the new Open from the Web feature becomes available. To use this feature, click the File tab on the ribbon and then click Open.


Improvements to the Sync Status Interface

Another area of frequent customer feedback has been around notebook synchronization and error troubleshooting. The OneNote update addresses many of these concerns and resolves some of the common sync issues that you may have encountered in the past.


Other fixes in this update

  • Added the ability to sync two Windows Live IDs at the same time without seeing password prompts, as long as you have the Windows Live Sign-in Assistant installed (part of Windows Live Essentials).
  • Improved the handling of SharePoint features like required check-in/check-out and other document library settings which might cause OneNote to fail to sync in the past.
  • Added fixes that now prevent ink from shifting when you use the handwriting features in OneNote 2010.

How to get these new features

The easiest way to update OneNote 2010 with these new features is to run Windows Update on your computer. Click Start > All Programs > Windows Update to check for all available updates.

You should install all available Office 2010 and OneNote 2010 updates that are displayed on the Important tab in Windows Update.


In the last year I've become a huge fan of SkyDrive sync'd OneNote Notebooks. We use them at home to our family notes/dates/to do's/etc shared and sync'd. I use it to help my share, coordinate and organize the Channel 9 stuff I do (I've got three notebooks, C4F Blog, C4F Kinect Gallery and the TWC9 Show notebooks). And I'm about to start one to supplement some other info gathering I'm going to be doing too.

And when it works, it works great. Everyone can use OneNote on their desktop to view and edit and/or the web app and it all just seems to magically work. Until it doesn't. That why I'm digging this update. They touched on some of my personal pain points with this update.

OneNote, you rock! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

A story about the web tech used to get a nonprofit up, running, online and all free

Microsoft Unlimited Potential Blog - Getting a nonprofit up and running with free online tools

In May 2010 I decided I wanted to involve myself more into the broader French and French speaking community of Puget Sound in Washington State. I reached out to a nonprofit called l’Union des Fran├žais de l’Etranger (UFE), to see how I could help and to my surprise I discovered that nothing was really happening locally; even more surprisingly they ended up asking me whether I would be interested in launching the local chapter myself. It was quite more than what I was bargaining for but after r reaching out a handful of equally motivated French people, we officially launch the UFE Seattle chapter in February 2011.

From the onset it was clear that our little team had to find a way to be as productive as possible. All our board members were already busy with full time jobs, studies, children, or a combination! We also knew that to scale we needed to find an infrastructure that could not only be started quickly but also that would be free as we had limited funding.. I spent the few first weeks looking around to see what kind of online tools were available to help us get started and grow. We knew that we wanted to be present on the social networking sites (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and have a blog, a website, and a newsletter.

Setting up our presence on web was fairly simple. We utilized social networking sites, a Wordpress blog ,a newsletter, email, and a simple website. That was the easy part.

The hard part was finding a way to securely and easily communicate and collaborate with the board members including keeping track of emails, sharing photos, and documents such as our non-profit charter, promotional materials and graphic assets. We also wanted to create an online repository of local French services such as French speaking doctors and businesses (especially bakeries!) that would be easier to maintain than a webpage given how much we expected the volume of information to grow over time. So how could we do all of this and be able to share information with our members in the same scalable way? How could we separate which information we would share with the broad public, and which would be held for members only?

After discovering the latest Windows Live tools I finally found a way to achieve all of this, easily, for free and in a way that will scale for the future by combining several tools:

  • Windows Live Group to create groups for our board and for our members
  • Hotmail, to be our email address
  • SkyDrive to store board, members or public information
  • Office online to share and edit information
  • Windows Live Writer-to easily update our WordPress blog to blog and use the subscription function to have a newsletter generated for us.

How did we implement this?



I dug this post in how it showed how you can bring a number of Microsoft and other services together to do stuff that in the past has required some kind of infrastructure in the past. We live in amazing times...

Monday, August 29, 2011

1 page, 101 Office 2010 Code Samples

Office Developer Center - Office 101 Code Samples

"Microsoft Office 2010 gives you the tools needed to create powerful applications. These Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) code samples can assist you in creating your own applications that perform specific functions or as a starting point to create more complex solutions.

Each code sample consists of approximately 5 to 50 lines of code demonstrating a distinct feature or feature set in VBA. Each sample includes comments describing the sample, and setup code so that you can run the code with expected results or the comments will explain how to set up the environment so that the sample code runs.)



That's an official boat load of Office 2010 code samples.... :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

OneNote Spy - Looking behind the OneNote curtain...

OneNote Testing - OneNote Spy (omspy) for OneNote 2010

"Ilya created the OneNote OM Spy tool back in 2007. Here it is updated for OneNote 2010. It works much like the original, so I don’t think I need to post a new image or anything like that. There is one change - you can choose which schema you want to use with the dropdown along the top of the window:

As usual, the download link is below my signature at the end of this entry. And the documentation for the schema for 2010 is here.


Since I was talking about Office stuff today, Open XML Opens Office Document Metadata (without Office),  also mentioning this seems like a good fit. There's no source available, but still if you're learning the OneNote API or need to spelunk OneNote 2007/2010 Notebooks, this looks like a must have tool.

image image

Monday, February 07, 2011

Using OneNote on your Open/Shared/Source Available projects (Think "Using OneNote as your wiki++")

Thursday Night  - Every Open-Source .NET Project should have its own public OneNote


This editor is on the web, so it’s accessible from any machine (regardless of browser, works great on Chrome in OS X for me), it’s free, and OneNote will sync with the web notebooks as if they were on your local machine or on a network share.

OneNote on the web means you can make your project notes public

A blog is a great place for documenting your project more formally, or for announcing things you want folks to know, but it’s also important to have a place to store ideas that aren’t yet fully formed, or you’re not committed to finishing. OneNote is good for this, but now we have a way to publish out notes; I’ve done this with ReactiveUI (though right now my notebook is pretty empty, I’m going to try to use it more).



I've recently started using a shared OneNote "For Real" to help me with my Channel 9 Coding4Fun blog posts and I have to say... I'm hooked.

It took me a bit to get the OneNote notebook setup right. I was having a problem with the synchronization that I couldn't seem to fix, but I was doing some weird, rapid and large page moves, etc. Once I settled down and started deliberately everything has been working great. I use the OneNote 2010 on my notebook, the web UI on other PC's and it all just seems to work.

This is a great tool for helping a small team coordinate notes, thoughts, links, etc.

It would be seriously cool if CodePlex were to add direct OneNote/Office support (think but on CodePlex, with CodePlex scoped security, etc.). Think wiki+++

Talk about a means to enhance team communication and collaboration. Added to my CodePlex wish list (and as CodePlex request work item 25753 :)

(via Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew - Dew Drop – February 6, 2011)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

OneNote Mobile on your iPhone! (yes, an official OneNote app for the iPhone). And it’s even free for a limited time…

The Microsoft Office Blog - Office Exec - Starting today, OneNote Mobile for iPhone helps free your ideas

“If you use an iPhone, now you can experience the organizing power of OneNote right there. Starting today, you can download Microsoft OneNote Mobile for iPhone from the iTunes App Store, and it's free for a limited time. 

In case you haven't experienced the unsung hero of Office, OneNote is a digital notebook that lets you put everything you need to remember in one electronic place and then easily find it wherever you are. I use it every day. Think of it as a digital file cabinet for all the random bits of information that are too hard to keep track of in your head. According to comScore, 78 million PCs in the U.S. have OneNote - more than a third of all the PCs in the country.

OneNote Mobile for the iPhone lets you capture and review notes and lists on your phone. Notes are automatically backed up and synced with free Windows Live SkyDrive online storage, so that you can access them from virtually anywhere - your PC, phone, and browser. Collecting thoughts and ideas on the go is what OneNote was made for. 

People who use OneNote often wonder how they ever lived without it. …

OneNote Mobile for iPhone is available now and it's free for a limited time, so why not try it?”


I don’t usually post iPhone news, but hearing that there’s now a free, official from Microsoft, OneNote app for it, well… Go OneNote! :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

OneNote Powertoys Rollup

OneNote Testing - Powertoys from the OneNote Test Team for 2010

“Every January, I compile a list of the powertoys the test team gave out the previous year. This year, there are a few new ones (table sorting, bulk import images and remove ink from a page) for OneNote 2010 and a section color changer for OneNote 2007. Several updates for getting some of the more popular powertoys to OneNote 2010 happened as well. Here goes:

New for OneNote 2010:
Table sorting and table of contents:

A tool to bulk import images:

An addin to remove all ink, and only ink, from a page:

Extract OCR data on a page:

Updates to existing addins for 2007 to work with 2010:

Word Count:

Sort Sections alphabetically:

Calendar/Planner creator:

Text file importer:

A quick start article for converting addins from OneNote 2007 to OneNote 2010

For OneNote 2007:
…” [GD: Click through for all the links… ]

There are a number of OneNote add-in updates that I had missed, so this roll-up was prefect for me… :)

Friday, August 13, 2010

“Microsoft Interactive Classroom” - Think “real-time instructor-student interaction and note taking with PowerPoint and OneNote” (Oh yeah, it’s free too)

Microsoft Downloads - Microsoft Interactive Classroom

“With Microsoft Interactive Classroom, students participate like never before while staying up-to-speed on instructor notes. It gives educators the power to add in-class polling and to share lessons over a wireless network. If a teacher updates a presentation, students capture the notes in real-time via Microsoft OneNote.

Version: 2
Date Published: 8/13/2010
Language: English
Download Size: 78 KB - 7.2 MB*

Microsoft Interactive Classroom helps interaction and collaboration between educators and students by enabling the creation of classroom polls using PowerPoint, and sharing content with students using OneNote. Educators can insert a multiple choice, yes/no, or true/false polling questions to lessons using PowerPoint. Students who have laptops running Microsoft Windows and OneNote receive the polling questions and teacher annotations in real-time within their OneNote Notebook. In addition, students can add their own notes to the slides using the features provided in OneNote. They can also respond in real-time to the questions during the lesson. Students without laptops can participate in polls using hardware clickers. This gives educators real time feedback on how well their students are grasping their lessons.


When I see these I think about how cool it would be to use these in the billions of meetings we have, in the in-house training, in the “all hands” presentations, etc, etc.

There’s even an optional SDK included in the Setup (SDK’s & API’s make Greg a happy guy ;)


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Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS) v2.5 Released (Think x64 & SilverLight 4 Release)
Microsoft Learning Content Development System (LCDS) v2.4 Released
Microsoft Semblio – A set of tools for educators to create rich interactive content/training, with extensibility via SDK, .Net and WPF (SDK free available today, rest coming soon)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

OneNote, the Cloud and Training Materials… Using OneNote Web to provide cool training material access (to, in this case, Windows Phone 7 Jump Start materials)…

Windows Phone 7 Jump Start (Born to Learn) - Using OneNote: Best Way To Get Course Materials

“Just a quick update that our class resource page has demo files as well as course materials in PDF format for each session of Windows Phone 7 Jump Start. But we also have all course materials nicely organized in OneNote notebooks for each session. By default, you have "read only" access to these online notebooks. However, anyone participating in Windows Phone 7 Jump Start will get read/write access …

You are also welcome to use the OneNote course materials “offline” (provided you ask for read/write access) if you have OneNote 2010 installed on your computer. For details on how to use OneNote or the OneNote Web App (plus info on how syncing works),…”

… [GD: Click through for all four OneNote session links]

So why use the OneNote Web App version? Two reasons:

  1. It's free and easy to use. We've provided it here for those who might not have the OneNote desktop client.
  2. It's a great way to meet and collaborate with fellow Windows Phone 7 developers. You, and any other WP7 developers asking for read/write access, can leave notes anywhere throughout these notebooks.


 Using OneNote: Best Way To Get Course Materials - Session 1


Static training materials and shared slide decks? cough… how 00’s… cough…

This is the future. Google Doc’s, MS Office Web Apps, etc is how Training Materials should be shared. And with the new OneNote Web App, it becomes a shared experience, where the entire class can take part and interactively collaborate during the session. Stop the pen to slide deck print out madness!


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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A OneNote for every pot – OneNote to be included in every Office 2010 version

OneNote and Education - OneNote 2010 Tech Preview is Live!

“Hi everyone - it's been an exciting week with the launch of the Office 2010 Tech Preview build. We've been working on this version of OneNote for the last couple of years and we're glad to make it available to our customers to try out.

For those of you who want to sign up for the tech preview, go to this Connect site and sign up. They may still have a few spots left.

OneNote 2010 is in every Office SKU (version) and every browser.

OneNote 2010 is in every SKU! That means no matter which version of Office 2010 that you buy, OneNote will be included. No more worrying about what Office version the students, teachers, or faculty have on the machines. OneNote will always be there. To read more details about each SKU, check out Dan Escapa's blog. Also, with the new OneNote web application, no matter what OS a person has, s/he will have access to OneNote. Now Mac and Linux students will be able to join in the fun.


Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog - OneNote included in all Office editions!


I thought you all would like to know that OneNote is now included in all Office editions! That means no matter what Office box you buy or what you company purchases OneNote will be on the disc!  I remember when I first started on the team OneNote 2003 was a stand alone version of and even though we were a part of Office but wasn’t in the box.  I would tell people what product I worked on and people would ask “is OneNote in standard?” or “I have pro I don’t see OneNote”.  Then when we found that we were included in the Home & Student and Enterprise editions we were overjoyed and excited to be in the box.  But now I can tell people that no matter what version of Office they buy they will have OneNote!  I feel like we have really come along a long way from a standalone app to being a core part of the Office experience.


Yes, you read the right, OneNote will be in every and all versions, SKU’s, editions, etc of Microsoft Office 2010 (even the free web based ones!).

OneNote is awesome, but due to it’s somewhat limit distribution model (i.e. not being in all SKU’s, etc) not everyone has been able to take part in the awesomeness. Well no longer.

This is something that will make Office 2010 the break out, coming of age, edition for OneNote (and that’s besides all the very cool features coming in 2010 ;)