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Monday, October 15, 2007

Lifextender - "Dead Simple" Free Vista Media Center Commercial Remover

Lifextender -

"the overview
Lifextender is a dead-simple commercial-removal application designed exclusively for Windows Vista Media Center users. There is ZERO configuration required, however, there are plenty of options if that's your thing.


the cost
Lifextender is free as in beer, so it costs you nothing. However, if you are in a generous mood, feel free to donate to keep the development alive.



Interesting. AGAIN another reason to resurrect my media center... sigh...

NOTE: This software is still in an Alpha state. So use at your own risk, etc, etc. (But given the quality of Mr. DeRosa's past work, I'd bet on this being pretty darn solid...)

(via C# Shiznit - Introducing Lifextender - a commercial remover app for Vista Media Center)

Monday, September 24, 2007

Managed DVR-MS Fun

Stephen Toub - Fun with DVR-MS (now on my blog)


DVR-MS files are created by the Stream Buffer Engine (SBE) introduced in Windows XP Service Pack 1, and are used by Media Center for storing recorded television. In this article, I’ll demonstrate how you can use DirectShow to work with and manipulate DVR-MS files. In the process, I’ll show you some useful utilities I’ve created for processing DVR-MS files, and will provide you with the tools and libraries you’ll need to write your own. So, open Visual Studio .NET, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the ride.


This article is just about everything you need to know (well at least get you started) playing, transcoding, reading the metadata and editing DVS-MS (Media Center recorded content) files in C#, with some P/Invoke along for the ride.

One of my very low priority "I want do to's" is to build a simple DVR-MS viewer.

Media Player is almost good enough for me, but it doesn't have a 30-second skip button. I love that feature. Media Center's replay is almost good enough (as it has forward and backward skipping), but it's the sorting capability doesn't fit my needs (whereas Media Player lets me sort my recorded shows well enough.).

I want to be able to order my recorded TV shows by original air date and have a 30 second (at least) forward skip feature. So being a programmer I thought I'd just write my own viewer.  ;)

I think Stephen's article gives me all the information I need to get started. Now all I have to do is resurrect my Media Center so I can get at my recorded shows... dogh!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Media Center WebGuide Now Free

Windows Home Server Blog - WebGuide

"The Windows Media Center and Windows Home Server teams are excited to have Doug Berrett join Microsoft.  At CEDIA Expo we announced WebGuide for Windows Media Center is now available free from  The press release  about all of the great Windows Media Center news is available on the Microsoft web site.

What is WebGuide?   WebGuide allows you to remotely view live and recorded TV programs and to remotely schedule and manage your recorded television programs, music, pictures and videos on your Windows XP Media Center edition or Windows Vista Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate PC.  



"WebGuide allows you to remotely view live and recorded TV programs and to remotely schedule and manage your recorded television programs, music, pictures and videos on your Media Center or Windows Vista PC. Install WebGuide on your Media Center PC and access it from any machine that has a web browser, including your cell phone or mobile device.


Live streaming TV can be viewed on any web browser

Recordings can be scheduled from any web browser

"Place-shifting" for your personal media library, including TV, music, pictures, videos and DVD's

PocketPC and Smartphone enabled

Windows Vista ready


Installation takes only minutes

User-friendly MCE interface

Languages include Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish and Swedish


Live scheduling without delays

Search by show, date or time

Quick access to recent and upcoming recordings


That's pretty darn cool (and free is nice too).

Time to resurrect my Media Center I think... :)