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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cloudboard – A cloud based, shared, Live FX based, clipboard (with source ;)

CodePlex - Wintellect Cloudboard

Project Description
Wintellect Cloudboard creates a clipboard that you can share across your machines and with other people.

Cloudboard is a desktop WPF application that leverages Microsoft's Live Framework for storage and synchronization and is developed in C#.

Ever had to rely on thumb-drives or shared folders just so you could copy and paste things between machines? Do you ever wish that you could store more than just ONE thing in the system clipboard? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to see what you have in the clipboard rather than blindly pasting and having to undo?

Cloudboard is an easy-to-use, automatically-synchronized clipboard that does all of these things (and more!) by leveraging Microsoft's Live Mesh technology.

image …”

I have a number of different “sharing” methods to move small data bits between the different systems I use, but none of them are as cool as this. :)

I’ve really not seen many Live FX based projects (any?), yet this is a great usage of that technology.

If you’re interested in Live FX, XAML/WPF, C# or any number of Windows API calls, check out the source of the project (also if you’re looking for a Project to work on, they are looking for some adventurous, cutting edge souls to join in on the project :)

(via Andy Hopper's Blog - Cloudboard v1.0 has been released!)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Five Minute Guide to Live Framework – What is it and why should you care in eight pages…

Microsoft Health and Life Sciences Evangelism Team - Live Framework and why should you care?

“The Live Framework team recently published a short (but to the point) white paper entitled The Live Framework: What is it and Why Should I Care?

Contents include:

  • From My Computer to My Mesh
  • For what scenarios is the Live Framework relevant?
  • What problems does the Live Framework help you solve?
  • What is a cloud / client symmetric programming model?
  • How do application developers benefit from the Live Framework?
  • What is the programming model exposed by the Live Framework?
  • What application types are supported by the Live Framework?
  • What are the different flavors of Live Operating Environment available today?
  • Do I need the Client Live Operating Environment for creating client side applications?
  • What is the Live Framework Resource Model? How can applications interact with it?


A quick overview for those of us trying to explain, or wrap our own heads around, the Live Framework


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Windows Live ID SDK and LiveFX – Two great tastes and two SDK’s… (err… um… that didn’t quite work, but you get the idea)

LiveSide.Net - LiveFX + Windows Live ID Client SDK = Safer Program

Building an application that uses the LiveFX is easy. So is building an application that uses Windows Live ID. Using the Windows Live ID Client SDK also means that you’re not asking a user to supply your application with the username and password which means that the user can remain safe that they’re not just giving out their username and password for the program to with as he wishes. So if both sorts of programs are easy, is it easy to combine the two? Well, yes.

In Visual Studio, I created a quick Windows Form that looks like the following:


Scott you must be reading my mind (wow, what a scary thought… ;)

I was JUST thinking about this today on the drive in. Wondering if it was possible, how hard, how to do it, etc. I’m just starting to think about LiveFX development and was wondering if I could avoid login/UserID crud and just use Windows Live ID.

After reading this post, I guess so… :)