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Monday, May 12, 2014

Cool Round-up of the Day: Rob's "Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, May 12, 2014"

Rob Caron - Top 10 Microsoft Developer Links for Monday, May 12, 2014


I think Rob's got the round-up cowboy title for the day... The only thing he's missing is the Azure stuff, more on the ASP.NET vNext story and the Office 365 API drop. But then again, he's trying to filter it down to 10, so I guess I can cut him a little slack... :)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Opening the door at //build/ with Windows Phone 8 and open source frameworks...

Interoperability @ Microsoft - //build/ today with open source frameworks on Windows Phone 8

The cool news for developers keeps on rolling at //build/ 2012. We’re thrilled to relay the announcements from a broad range of open source communities that their support for Windows Phone 8 goes live on “Day 1” of the SDK availability, along with other partners. There are several open source frameworks to choose from today.

The Windows Phone team and Microsoft Open Technologies, Inc. engaged early in the process with open source communities to enable Windows Phone 8 in these popular open source and cross platform frameworks. We provided technical support and information, gave early access to the tools and MS Open Tech contributed code to the Cocos 2D and Ogre3D projects.


image ..."

Since I've blogged about a number of these before only seems fitting to blog about their WP8 milestone too...


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A WinPhone Dev Dude's Dive Into PhoneGap
No gaps for Windows Phone 7 with latest PhoneGap

There's an Ogre in my Metro...

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A WinPhone Dev Dude's Dive Into PhoneGap

 Windows Phone DZone - Pieter De Rycke - A Windows Phone Developer's Take on PhoneGap

"For a very long time I have avoided learning HTML and ASP.Net and stayed away of applications using it. I didn’t want to end up with messy code and hacks to support multiple browsers (read: Internet Explorer 6.0). But as HTML5 and CSS3 are gaining more momentum, I have changed my mind and I have started learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Even if these technologies have their annoyances, they are the way to develop cross platform software applications.

Recently there was a lot of buzz around PhoneGap. This a software framework that allows wrapping HTML5 applications into native applications for various mobile platforms (including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone). The idea of developing a mobile application for multiple platforms with a single code base is very tempting.

During the article I have still used the old name PhoneGap, but the framework has recently been open-sourced and renamed into Cordova ( Adobe will continue to offer a commercial version using the PhoneGap branding (

During the past days, I have developed a simple Todo Application using the following technologies:

  • PhoneGap to wrap in into a native application.
  • JQuery Mobile for the UI.
  • HTML5 local storage to store the user data.

The applications consists of 6 screens and runs completely local; it does not require internet access to function. Theoretical it should be able to run on iPhone, Android and Windows Phone, but I was only able to test on a real Windows Phone device and on the desktop versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome. So although it was not tested on multiple devices, I don’t expect a lot of issues when running it on IOS or Android.


I've been thinking about PhoneGap/Cordova and thought this post had an interesting view.

One of these days I'm going to get a smart phone (No, I don't yet... I'm still on a semi-smart and have been waiting for a good WP7 Verizon phone... and waiting... and waiting... and... now I'll probably wait for a WP8 phone, assuming Verizon sells one... I'm almost about ready to jump carriers.. sigh) and so have been watching the mobile dev space. While I'll very likely jump to WP7/8, there's Android's in the house and I've been thinking about playing with some cloud based AFTF's (App's For The Family) and so would like something cross platform'ish and PhoneGap/Cordova seems like a good place to look at first...