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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

If you're going to this weekend's SoCal Code Camp @USC and you see this guy... say Hi...

If you're at this weekend's (10/15 & 16, 2011) SoCal Code Camp@ USC (SoCal Code Camp IV Updates for Attendees!) and you see this guy (me) say Hi... :)


(Yes, I'm going for the "Oh my god, look at all that grey in my beard" look ;)

See you then...


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

SoCal Code Camp IV, USC, Oct 15-16. Be there...

Hello SoCal Code Campers

Fun Facts:

Did you know that Software Developers who attend Code Camps have brains that are 0.0336% heavier than their developer peers who don't attend Code Camps?  (source - the Code Camp organizers intuitively know this!  You do too now.)

Why attend SoCal Code Camp IV @ USC?

  • Get exposure to information from experts and your developer peers that will impact your personal productivity and/or your project's overall success.
  • Interact with experts and/or developer peers who stay sharp with the technologies of your interest.

Offer your expertise to attendees so that others can leverage it for mutual financial benefit.

Here are some vital statistics on how YOUR SoCal Code Camp IV @ USC is shaping up at the two-month mark...

  • # of Sessions: 40 (well on our way to 100+. Have you submitted YOUR session yet?)
  • # of RSVPs: 35 (time to RSVP and start promoting to your developer peers)

Raffle Prizes: $35,918 and growing by great companies like Infragistics, TypeMock, IdeaBlade, CodeSmithTools, NR Computer Learning Center, LogicNP Software, Webucator, and others

Looking for some specific action items that YOU can do today to help make YOUR Code Camp the best ever (we know this is what you were just thinking...)?

  1. RSVP if you haven 't already done so! Do so now at
  2. Submit a session HERE if you have something of interest that could help others (scroll to the bottom to add a new session).
  3. Share (talk, blog, comment on other posts, tweet, etc.) about something Code Camp. Here are some ideas:
    1. "SoCal Code Camp @ USC Rocks! I just RSVP'd. Have you?"
    2. "I just submitted <title of your session> for SoCal Code Camp IV @USC. Have you?"
    3. "I'm excited about this year's SoCal Code Camp IV @USC for <state your reason>"
  4. Sign up to volunteer at the Code Camp. Learn more about volunteering HERE.

For more information, you have two sites available to you:

  1. - This is the main interactive site where:
    1. Attendees RSVP for Code Camp
    2. Speakers Submit Sessions
    3. Attendees Specify your sessions of interest
    4. Everyone ultimately personalize and print your schedule
  2. - This is an optional information-only site where you can:
    1. Find details on how the Sunday raffles are shaping up
    2. Speaker FAQ
    3. Sponsorship FAQ
    4. Volunteer FAQ
    5. Links to picture galleries of past SoCal Code Camps @ USC
    6. Link to campus maps and get additional tips about parking, etc.

Get a sense of the steering committee and sponsor User Groups.

Both sites list our facilities, financial, and raffle-prize sponsors.  We encourage you to click through to their sites.  Thank you to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering for hosting us again this year, our financial sponsors (DevExpress, Microsoft, PDSA, and Outsource Technical - thus far), and all of our raffle prize sponsors.

That's it for now.

Just doing my part to spread the word... I really need to start attend, and one day presenting at, these.